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A payment of up to $100 may be received by certain Verizon subscribers which is followed by the resolution of a class action complaint alleging that the company was using a “deceptive and unfair manner” to charge customers unreported administration fees.

Verizon agreed to pay $100 million to resolve the complaint, despite maintaining that it did nothing wrong. Up to $100 might be awarded to current and past clients who were assessed administrative fees between November 8, 2023, and January 1, 2016.

Those who qualify will get an email notification or a letter in the mail. To get the money, impacted parties must submit a claim by April 15.

Verizon will keep collecting the administrative costs. However, the business will be adding information about the costs to its client agreement.

According to the lawsuit, Verizon started tacking on the Administrative Charge to the bills of its post-paid wireless customers in 2005. At first, each phone line on the consumers’ service plans would cost $0.40 per month.

Additionally, it claimed that Verizon regularly raised the Administrative Charge amount. Verizon raised the Administrative Charge by 70% from $1.95 to the current amount of $3.30 per line in June 2022, marking the most recent rise.

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