Experts share two cents on Pakistan Economic Survey 2023-24

A vegetable vendor (L) attends to a customer at a market in Islamabad on June 3, 2024. — AFP Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) witnessed a growth of 2.38% in the outgoing fiscal year unexpectedly as it was estimated to increase by 2%, said Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb on Tuesday. While unveiling the Pakistan Economic Survey 2023-24, […]

Local experts challenge IMF’s tax plan with innovative reforms | The Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) recommendation to increase tax rates in the next budget to collect an additional Rs2 trillion, Pakistan’s renowned local experts on Monday unveiled a package that proposes generating Rs1.2 trillion more by reducing income tax rates while withdrawing some exemptions. A consortium of notable Pakistani tax experts and […]

Experts call for EV policy overhaul | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Auto experts believe electric cars could become far more accessible to customers if the government addressed key policy issues. They call for a revision of policy classifications, offering incentives to all electric vehicles (EVs), removing obstacles in EV financing, and reducing heavy taxes, which currently constitute over 50% of the car prices, making them […]

Experts advocate for taxing all sectors to broaden tax base

Economic experts participate in ‘Great Debate’ live on Geo News. — screengrab/GeoNews/YouTubE The financial experts and representatives of major trade associations have stressed on inclusion of all the sectors into tax net in a bid to achieve a broader tax base as Geo News organised the Great Debate programme to bring out the best proposals […]

Experts push for specialised farming | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Livestock experts have called for specialised farming for animals, including goats, sheep, lambs, and cows, aimed at promoting the export of live animals and meat, as the country possesses excellent potential. They stressed the need for promoting all three types of animal farming: range farming, intensive farming, and semi-intensive farming, as well as setting […]

Great Debate: Experts urge effective taxation to overcome economic challenges

Economists and top entrepreneurs attend ‘Great Debate’ live on Geo News. — screengrab/GeoNews/YouTube KARACHI: As Pakistan faces a difficult economic situation with its people suffering from sky-high inflation and economic indicators such as depleting forex reserves and stagnant exports painting a bleak picture, the financial experts and top businessmen of the country have urged focusing […]

IT experts push for digital solutions | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Digital marketing has overshadowed conventional methods because the advantages of digital tools far outweigh the disadvantages. Digital marketing targets specific and eager customers. IT professionals and mentors, speaking to The Express Tribune, highlighted the stark contrast between conventional and digital marketing. Conventional marketing relied on huge funds for billboards, broadcast, TV, or radio 15 […]

Experts for fighting misinformation | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: IT experts and social activists have presented some useful tips and pieces of advice to control misinformation, disinformation, harmful content, and concocted campaigns on social media. They suggest that the government should formulate rules and implement them strictly so that businesses on social media cannot be harmed. Social media is an emerging industry where […]

Experts urge cybersecurity focus | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: IT analysts and experts have said that strengthening the cybersecurity landscape may help boost IT businesses and exports, while also deploying a host of tools and technologies in lawful interception. The government can leverage smart city concepts and employ AI-powered surveillance systems which accurately identify individuals of interest, track suspects, and classify suspicious activities […]

Experts push for corporate farming | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Industrialists and progressive growers have described corporate farming as a positive initiative aimed at revamping and promoting the agriculture sector of the country. They advocate for establishing market prices for seeds, urea, pesticides, and agricultural commodities, alongside providing subsidies to farmers. Speaking to The Express Tribune, they highlighted the adverse impact of rising production […]

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