Gulrez Securities Pvt. Ltd provide Best Solution for Online Trading in Pakistan through its state of the Art Software (KITS) providing by the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited terminals on real time.

Please Read Carefully Risk Factor of Online Trading though Mobile/Desktop Applicate/Software.

online trading in pakistan

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Risk Associated with Electronic / Online Trading

  • All risks connected and involved with Electronic/Online Trading will be assumed fully by the client. Electronic/Online Trading may from time to time be adversely affected (inter alia) by network congestion, equipment failure, software failure, system breakdown, loss of connectivity, power failure, adverse market conditions, partial execution of order and/or technical glitches/failures (including but not limited to connectivity failures). Neither the Broker not any of its Directors or officers, its management, its branch offices, office of supervisory jurisdiction, and their respective registered representatives and employees, would be responsible or liable in any manner for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the client including those due to the misuse of client information and affairs by unscrupulous person(s).
  • Alternatively; in failure of Electronic/Online Trading orders can be placed via the KATS Terminal. The Broker may, from time to time at the request of the client or of its own volition, provide to the client information relating to investment opportunities in the market and/or of a financial/economic nature. The Broker however does not guarantee the accuracy/veracity/reliability of such information. Any steps or instructions issued by the client, in reliance of such information, shall be deemed to have been unilaterally taken/issued by the client at his/her/their sole risk and responsibility in respect of the consequences emanating there from.
  • The decision to sell or purchase any Securities or to make any investments or disinvestments, shall be deemed to have been made only by the client based on his/her/their own acumen and judgment, without any representation or assurance from the Broker as to its profitability or viability.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

  • In the event of any disputes, differences or controversies arising between the Broker and the client out of any transaction(s) and other matters related thereto, including as to the rights and obligations of the client and the Broker and the interpretation of the provisions of the Contract and the Terms and Conditions (agreed by the Broker and the client) or any other matter related thereto, the same shall be referred to the pertinent Stock Exchange where the transaction has taken place.
    In case for any reason(s) the Stock Exchange and/or the Arbitration Committee thereof is/are unable to arbitrate upon the matter due to any legal infirmity or otherwise, the matter shall then be referred to arbitration by two Arbitrators, one to be appointed by each party, and on the lack of consensus between the two Arbitrators, the matter shall be referred to an Umpire, to be selected by the two Arbitrators before the commencement of the reference in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1940 or any amendments thereof. The decision of the Arbitration Committee of such Exchanges or the Arbitrators or the Umpire, as the case may be, shall be final and binding upon both Parties.

Terms and Abbreviations

Some commen terms which will make you easy to understand.

REGRegular Market
COTCarry Over Market
FUTFuture Market
IPOInitial Public Offering Market (Provisional)
OTCOver the Counter Market
CFSContinues Financing System
CSFCSF Cash Settled Future
SIFSIF Stock Index Future
ODLODL Odd Lot Market
IOMIOM Index Options Market
RDYReady Delivery
LODMarket Loading
PRIMarket Pre Opening
PREMarket Pre Open
OPNMarket Open
SUSMarket Suspend
+Price Movement shows Positive Trend
Price Movement shows Negative Trend
ChangeLast traded price is more or less than close of the previous day
Buy VolIt indicates the No of shares somebody wants to buy
BuyThe rate at which somebody wants to buy
SellThe rate at which somebody wants to sell
Sell VolIt indicates the No of shares somebody wants to sell
Total VolNo of shares traded till particular time
Last VolNo of shares subject of last trade
Last PriceThe price at which last trade took place
AvgTotal value of share traded, divided by No of shares traded
HighThe highest rate at which the share traded
LowThe lowest rate at which the share traded
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