K2 Airways’ Embraer E-Jet parked at a terminal. — K2 Airways

Pakistan’s new airliner, K2 Airways, is eyeing to commence its commercial operation this year, saying it is in the “final stages” to start its services in the country as per an official statement issued by the company on Friday.

The company, backed by “successful UAE-based Pakistani businessmen and professionals with an astounding passion for aviation”, is the first of its kind in Pakistan to introduce Embraer E-Jets in the country’s commercial aviation, the statement read.

The company said that it aims to link “under-utilised” and “smaller airports” of Pakistan with Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore to make travel convenient for national travellers.

The airline intends to serve specific domestic destinations with two Embraer E-190 aircraft by this year, the airliner said.

The idea is to narrow the gap by “offering flexibility to travellers” in choosing the right airport within the catchment area, the statement read adding that the airline can operate as a feeder carrier for the existing domestic carriers to complement their operations, it added. 

The statement also said that the company has a well-thought strategy to diversify and reshape the travel experience of passengers through the Embraer E-Jets cabin experience based on 2+2 row seating with comfortable leg space, which will be seen in the coming days.

The businessmen and professionals backing the airline believe in “utilising modern automation tools and gathering young and dynamic professionals” in the team to create a strong, technologically apt, and digitally enabled aviation entity in Pakistan.

While responding to a question, Senior Manager Commercial Sarah Khoso, told Geo.tv that K2 Airways will be introducing the Embraer E190 aircraft which has just the “right capacity” to serve the domestic market.

She added that the current players are majorly serving the trunk routes while K2 has a noble plan to connect smaller cities to the bigger ones providing more air connectivity within Pakistan.

It is after decades that a new aircraft type is being introduced in Pakistan, she went on and said: “We hope to see Embraer E190 getting popular based on its spacious cabin and comfortable seat configuration with no middle seat.”

Khoso added that K2 Airways plans to build markets, serve maximum airports and do its best to offer schedule flexibility to a common person.

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