Jeff Bezos isn’t a fan of “time blocking”. — AFP/File

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a unique way of scheduling his day as he doesn’t do meetings like a normal guy, CNBC reported.

In the “Lex Fridman Podcast”, the 60-year-old has shared a secret on how he boosts creativity in office.

He said, “I don’t keep to a strict schedule. My meetings often go longer than I plan for them to, because I believe in mind wandering.”

A process, he called “messy meetings”, do not have an end time. He gives himself and his teams ample time for creative thinking.

“When I sit down in a meeting, I don’t know how long the meeting is going to take if we’re trying to solve a problem. The reality is we may have to wander for a long time. 

“I think there’s certainly nothing more fun than sitting at a whiteboard with a group of smart people and spit-balling and coming up with new ideas and objections to those ideas, and then solutions to the objections and going back and forth,” he added. 

Bezos further said that “a lot of people feel like wandering is inefficient” but studies show that a divergent mind can actually boost a person’s productivity, creativity and happiness.

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