People wind their way through the Eaton Centre in Toronto during the December holidays. — X/2thecanadianpress

After the holidays, a lot of people check their bank accounts to see where all of their money has disappeared as it is common to find your wallet a little empty at the end of December due to travel, gifts, and other expenses.

These are some current strategies according to CBS, if you’re seeking opportunities to earn extra money:

Take paid surveys

Businesses need consumer feedback to inform decisions about their campaigns and products, and one method they use to collect this information is through paid surveys. Simply fill out the registration form with your likes and preferences. You won’t make much more money with this choice, but you can work on it on the weekends or after work. All you require is an internet connection and a computer or phone.

Sell your old clothes

Selling your used clothing can help you make some money and make closet space if you recently received new items for Christmas and don’t know where to store them. There are many online marketplaces where you may open a store and sell your gently worn clothing to consumers who want to update their wardrobes. Once more, shipping will be your responsibility, but if you have attractive pieces in good shape, you might be able to make some cash.

Transcribe audio

If you type quickly, this is a fantastic alternative for you. It’s really easy. You transcribe audio files after listening to them.

Walk dogs for cash

If you’re an animal lover, you can walk dogs for money using one of several online platforms. This could be a good option if you work a job with evening hours. Most people need their dogs walked during the day while they are at work, so you can make extra money while helping others out with their pets. 

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