Neom is part of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (MBS) 2030 vision. — Linkedin/@TahaMemon

Saudi Arabia’s Neom megacity stands at the centre of the kingdom’s futuristic plans to encourage economic expansion and societal advancement, Tekrevol reported.

It is part of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (MBS) 2030 vision, which will transform how the future will look. 

MBS described Neom’s “The Line” city as “tackling the challenges facing humanity in urban life today” to “shine a light on alternative ways to live.”

Construction for Neom The Line has begun. — Linkedin/@TahaMemon
Construction for Neom “The Line” has begun. — Linkedin/@TahaMemon

What makes Neom’s The Line so special?

The Line City is a linear city set in a 170 km long line, which will be 500-metres high and 200-metres wide.

This futuristic city will have no roads and no cars. The Line will have eco-friendly transportation solutions with zero carbon emissions, thus lessening the ecological footprint of urban mobility.

In addition, making use of its expansive terrain, the Line city of Saudi Arabia plans to tap into solar and wind power, aiming to establish Neom as a significant player in the renewable energy industry. The city will be 100% powered by renewable energy.

Saudi Arabias Neom The Line to continue as planned, no change in size. — Linkedin/@TahaMemon
Saudi Arabia’s Neom ‘The Line’ to continue as planned, no change in size. — Linkedin/@TahaMemon

In establishing a sustainable preserve, the Neom project in Saudi Arabia gives priority to green spaces and eco-friendly architectural designs. Integrating lush greenery and environmentally mindful building structures.

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