President of the Diplomat Business Club and former ambassador, Javed Malik, urged Pakistani tech businesses on Saturday to become a part of the digital revolution that is transforming the global business landscape.

He made these remarks while addressing the Global Business Forum 2024 in Dubai, UAE, which brought together delegates from over 30 countries under the auspices of the Diplomat Business Club to explore business, trade, and investment opportunities through global collaboration.

The Diplomat Business Club facilitates business leaders in connecting, collaborating, and exploring new avenues to expand their businesses. It also aims to build new alliances to co-create ventures, particularly in the digital business landscape.

Malik stressed that digital transformation and innovation are changing the nature of business. He urged smart investors and business owners to embrace this change, according to a press release.

Furthermore, the president of the Diplomat Business Club urged them to focus their attention on new and innovative business ideas in areas such as fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energy, space technology, autonomous vehicles, clean energy, quantum computing, and other technology-based ventures that represent the future of business.

Malik highlighted that the presence of diplomats, business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs from more than 30 countries underscores the Club’s position as a premier global platform for business diplomacy in the region.

In discussions with the media, he mentioned that the Diplomat Business Club would extend support to Pakistani companies aiming to reach international markets, as well as qualified startups seeking funding. He added that the Club’s global engagement team has been in discussions with Chambers of Commerce in Pakistan and some tech companies to provide possible facilitation.

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