Caretaker Minister for Commerce and Industries Dr Gohar Ejaz has urged exporters to shift their focus to value-added products to meet the $80 billion export target needed to run Pakistan. 

Addressing the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTAMA) on Saturday, the minister said that the country needs new reforms and $80b within 90 days. “We will complete the strategic programme to increase our exports to $80 billion within the 90 days time frame,” he added.

Dr Ejaz also assured the association of providing comprehensive assistance through the ministry’s trade and investment officers stationed in various international missions.  

He maintained that those industries that are still not registered under GST will be registered through a track and trace system. 

Read Minister vows to propel exports to $80b 

The minister urged all exporters to work towards the $80b export target for key exports. “Until and unless the exports reach our desired target, the country will continue to suffer. Exporting goods worth $80b is not a big deal. We can increase our exports through regional trade,” he stated. 

Earlier this month, Ejaz vowed to breathe new life into commercial and industrial sectors as well as propel Pakistan’s exports to the ambitious target of $80 billion. 

At a briefing, Ejaz expressed the resolve to tackle complexities head-on in order to address the challenges looming in the commercial sector. He stressed that he would work to swiftly steer state enterprises toward profitability in the pursuit of economic prosperity. 

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