The world’s first AI hospital will revolutionise healthcare in the coming years. — Yahoo Finance/File

China has unveiled the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) hospital, which will revolutionise conventional healthcare across the globe and save millions of lives.

The hospital named “Agent Hospital” is a virtual facility that has 14 AI doctors and four nurses, Express reported.

In a few days, the physicians at the virtual hospital can attend to up to 10,000 patients. In comparison, it would take a human doctor at least two years to reach the same numbers.

Before the inauguration, the AI doctors were tested based on the US Medical License Exam questions, and all of them scored an astounding accuracy rate of 93.06%.

The Agent Hospital was designed by AI researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

The aim was to transform the way patients engage with doctors, making healthcare more accessible and the procedures quicker.

As per reports, the hospital will be operational by the end of 2024.

The AI programme is expected to be wheeled out to medical universities at first to help train real-life doctors. The virtual doctors will eventually be rolled out to patients at hospitals across China.

The research team leader, Liu Yang, believes that the AI hospital will also be able to predict and stimulate medical scenarios such as the next pandemic outbreak.

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