Amazon gets game-changer for online deliveries. — The Independent

Amazon has been given the go-ahead to expand its drone delivery programme, the company announced Thursday.

After approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service will start operating drones “beyond visual line of sight,” according to a blog post published on the company’s website.

Amazon pilots will control drones remotely without having to see them with their own eyes. An FAA spokesperson confirmed that approval applies to College Station, Texas.

It should be mentioned that Amazon launched its drone deliveries in Texas in late 2022.

Amazon implies that the FAA approval will pave the way for the company to expand long-distance deliveries to more locations nationwide.

Amazon has been given the green light after it ensured that its drones could detect and avoid obstacles in the air. Moreover, the company also demonstrated its drone’s safety features in real-world scenarios. The company displayed the capabilities of its drones as they navigated away from planes, helicopters, and a hot air balloon. The company conducted these demonstrations “in the presence of real planes, helicopters, and a hot air balloon to demonstrate how the drone safely navigated away from each of them,” Amazon said.

Amazon said that it intended to deliver 500 million packages by drone every year by the end of the decade.

The FAA approval is a significant landmark for Amazon as the company has sought to use drones for deliveries for over a decade.

After the FAA approval, the future of drone deliveries looks promising despite some regulatory setbacks.

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